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Lest We Forget: Idawalley Zorada Lewis; USS Gurnard (SS-254)

Idawalley Zorada Lewis

On the night of 24 October 1911, the sound of a ship’s bell drifted across the water to Newport, Rhode...

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Technology Is Key to the Operational Art, Not an Obstacle
World Naval Developments
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Training Paid Off in Iraqi Freedom
‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’
Caring for the Fallen: Mortuary Affairs in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Why Are Victims Our Only War Heroes?
Honor, Courage, Commitment
General Carl E. Mundy's Core Values Speech
Abolish Sea—Shore Rotation
42nd Annual Naval and Maritime Photo Contest
Assassination & Abduction: Viable Foreign Policy Tools?
What We Can Learn from Jackie Fisher
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Nobody asked me, but...
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Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget
Charting Your Course
Why Are Victims Our Only War Heroes?

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man,
but he is...
42nd Annual Naval and Maritime Photo Contest


Training Paid Off in Iraqi Freedom

The most significant factor in the combat effectiveness of F/A-18s in Iraq—during challenging evolutions such as air-to-...

'No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy'

For Marines in postconflict Iraq, the challenge is to balance patience, persistence, and restraint with resolve and the...

Assassination & Abduction: Viable Foreign Policy Tools?

Reigning chieftains in olden times not only led warriors into battle, but also exercised immense political, economic, social, and psychological...

Do Coast Guard Ops Contribute to Homeland Insecurity?

Editor's Page

The Naval Institute’s members voted by an 88% margin to modify the organization’s mission to read:

Its objectives...

From Our Archive: NC-4 pilot Walter Hinton after 1919 Atlantic crossing


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