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The short take-off/vertical landing Joint Strike Fighter is an ideal way to support the Navy's "Sea Power 21" concept of Sea Basing by enabling the use of unconventional aircraft...


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STOVL JSFs Put Teeth in Sea Basing

The short take-off/vertical landing Joint Strike Fighter is an ideal way to support the Navy's "Sea Power 21" concept of Sea...

Don't Silence Navy Chat

Operation Iraqi Freedom witnessed an explosive growth in the use of chat as a means of communication between commands on the ground, in the...

Best Practices for the Surface Warfare XO

So you just received orders assigning you as the executive officer. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your tour.


No Strategy for the Information Age

Most of the debate over the latest National Security Strategy of the United States of America has focused on preemption as a fundamental tenet,...

Nobody Asked Me But...Chiefs Are Professionals

When you visit the office of an attorney, architect, or any other professional you always see a magazine or book of his profession in the...

Lest We Forget: John Elliot Williams, VAW-122

John Elliot Williams

Comment and Discussion

"August Coast Guard Issue"

Colonel John Collins, U.S. Army (Retired)—Most men and women who wear Department of...

Details of DDG-51 Throttle Modes of Operation

The DDG-51's throttle is named the programmed control lever (PCL). It has two scales to indicate throttle position: first, the traditional 1/...

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The Naval Institute's fall seminar season is in full swing. Forum 2003, our...


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