Proceedings Magazine - August 2003 Vol. 129/8/1,206

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The U.S. Naval Reserve is top heavy: more than three-quarters of its entire budget is spent on its own administration. It is time to remove the redundant bureaucracy that...


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Madaket Millie to the Rescue!

One of the U.S. Coast Guard’s longest-tenured volunteer rescuers also was one of its most colorful characters.

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It Is Time to Transform the Naval Reserve

The U.S. Naval Reserve is top heavy: more than three-quarters of its entire budget is spent on its own administration. It...

What Was the Coast Guard Doing in Iraq?

In spite of increasing responsibilities in homeland security, Coast Guard forces remain committed to and equipped to support expeditionary...

Learning from Victory

The U.S. miltiary victory in Iraq was decisive, but we must study it objectively to learn positive and negative lessons...

Coast Guard Aviation Gets a New Look

The Integrated Deepwater System project is under way, and will change the face of Coast Guard aviation as it introduces new systems—such...

Lest We Forget: USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664)

Launched on 6 October 1943, the Fletcher (DD-445)-class destroyer USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664) was built by the Boston...

Update the MOA

The November 1993 Navy-Coast Guard Board initiated a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of...

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"Why I Am Failing My Junior Officers"

(See K. O’Neal, pp. 40-42, July 2003 Proceedings)

Ensign Nathan T...

Courageous Leader in Rocky Times

On the muggy afternoon of 11 June, General Eric K. Shinseki bid farewell to the Army he served honorably for 38 years. Beginning in the jungles...

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The Board of Directors...


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