Proceedings Magazine - June 2003 Vol. 129/6/1,204

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The Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command, and Commander, 5th Fleet spoke on 8 May at the Pentagon with the Naval Institute’s Fred Schultz and Fred Rainbow. He talked about the...


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Friendless Fire?

On 8 June 1967 the electronic intelligence ship USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was on station in international waters 13 miles...

JSF Sets the Standard for Aircraft Acquisition

The Joint Strike Fighter acquisition program began with early and sustained cooperation among government, industry, and the military and...

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Interview: Vice Admiral Timothy J. Keating, U.S. Navy - 'This Was a Different War'

The Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command, and Commander, 5th Fleet spoke on 8 May at the Pentagon with the Naval Institute’s...

Former NSA Officials Agree

The jamming of unique U.S. frequencies during the Liberty incident seems to establish deliberate intent. And in exclusive interviews with...

Comment and Discussion

"What Shall It Profit a Man?"

(See K. Eyer, pp. 42-45, May 2003 Proceedings)

Storekeeper second Class Kenneth...

Nobody Asked Me, But...Where Is the Really New SSN?

Last summer, reporter Vernon Loeb of The Washington Post wrote that U.S. submarine intelligence-gathering missions have increased 30%...

Sea Warrior: Maximizing Human Capital

The foundation of "Sea Power 21" is our people. Navy men and women—here, returning from Operation Iraqi...

Taking Care of Your People

Leaders can make sure the mission gets completed by empowering, protecting, and encouraging their people.

The Principles of War and Iraqi Freedom

To provide perspective on Operation Iraqi Freedom, I offer here a brief comparison using the modern principles of war. The U.S. Army published...


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