Proceedings Magazine - May 2003, Vol. 129/5/1,203

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The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, in concert with a few faithful allies, performed amazing feats during the first three weeks of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Aerial...


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DHS: 'Not a Silver Bullet': An Interview with William Webster

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You Can't Assume Nothin'

The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, in concert with a few faithful allies, performed amazing feats during the first...


What strategy caused the Iraqi regime to collapse? What must the United States and Britain do to consolidate the fleeting gains of a historic...

Mine Countermeasures a Success

Mine countermeasures operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom have been an unqualified success: the continued presence of U.S.

Navy Cannot Rest on Its Laurels

The naval war in Iraq is now history. In fact, Task Force History, a group of historians and other professionals skilled in interview and...

Military Not Complaining about the Coverage

The war in Iraq was only a week old when CNN treated its audience to a brief but remarkable event: for a couple of minutes, amidst pictures of...

Our Flag Has Meaning

Recently I was asked about the flag. It was a pretty innocuous question: "How does that make you feel to watch the flag at colors?" I...

Both Gulf Wars Offer Lessons

As this is written, the war for Iraq is entering its third week. At least some Iraqis are resisting—perhaps much more stubbornly than...

Net-centric Fogs Accountability

Winner—Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

Linked by high-tech communications systems, commanding officers never again will be...

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No Time for the Draft

With a long and difficult struggle facing us in the war on terrorism and the military services stretched thin, it was inevitable that talk of...

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"UAVs Need Doctrine & Tactics"

(See W. Johnson, pp. 37-39, April 2003 Proceedings)

Captain William J....

Persistent Combat Power
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I wish every member could have joined us for our 129th Annual Meeting and 13th Annapolis Seminar. While we had some negative news to report...

Lest We Forget: Strike Fighter Squadron 127 (VFA-127)

Strike Fighter Squadron 127 (VFA-127)

Strike Fighter Squadron 127 (VFA-127) originally was established as Attack Squadron 127...


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