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Adapting Aviation Tactical Training for the Surface Warfare Community

Within the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Battle Group, we have designated two commands to explore the idea of adapting...

'Everyone Dropped the Ball': An Interview with Bob Woodward

The prolific author and veteran reporter/editor for The Washington Post—perhaps best known for his reporting of the...

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Pacific Faces Crisis in Intel Analysis

Winner, Naval Intelligence Essay Contest

Preemptive Strategy Is Viable

The release of President George W. Bush's national security strategy raised questions (and eyebrows). Immediate questions arose as to the...

Sea Basing: Operational Independence for a New Century

Captain Edward L. Beach Jr.: 'His Work Will Live On'

To most, he was larger than life. To a fortunate few, he was role model, colleague, and friend. Sadly, he passed away on 1...

Network-Centric Is Not Decisive

Network-centric warfare reduces the art of war to tactics and targets. The Navy must restore the balance between strategy,...

The Top 100 Rules of the New American Way of War

The Paths to War

The United States Stands Ready for Any Type of War

1. The U.S. military stays ready...

Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 64 (VA-64)

Attack Squadron 64 (VA-64)

Attack Squadron 64 (VA-64) was established at NAS Oceana, Virginia, on 1 July 1961. The Black Lancers...


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