Proceedings Magazine - December 2002 Vol. 128/12/1,198

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"Countering Attack Sub Shortfalls"

(See E. Labs, pp. 46-50, September 2002 Proceedings)


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"Countering Attack Sub Shortfalls"

(See E. Labs, pp. 46-50, September 2002 Proceedings)

Junior Officer Retention Weighing the Options

During my career, I've spent many hours on junior officer retention. Like most senior officers, I've spoken with scores of junior officers...

Sea Strike: Projecting Persistent, Responsive, and Precise Power

Sea Strike focuses on the offensive. It uses both lethal and nonlethal effects to attack key enemy targets. It...

Put a Swat Team on Every Ship

In the war on terror, the force protection and maritime interdiction missions are becoming more important—and more...

'Look Truth Right in the Eye': Interview with Colonel David H. Hackworth, USA (Ret.)

Scuds Against Al Jubayl?

In February 1991, a single Iraqi Scud splashed harmlessly into the waters of the Arabian Gulf 150 meters from the massive...

Lest We Forget: USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656)

USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656)

Launched on 19 December 1943, the Fletcher (DD-445)-class destroyer USS Van...


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