Proceedings Magazine - June 2002 Vol. 128/6/1,192

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  • Broaden the SSBN's Punch
    by Commander Ken Perry, USN
  • Comment and Discussion

    "We Can Fix Acquisition"

    (See D. Blair, pp. 48-52, May 2002 Proceedings)

    Lieutenant Commander Mark Vandroff, U.S....

  • Cancel the Navy JSF
    By Lieutenant Commander Victor L. Vescovo, U.S. Naval Reserve

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  • Fleet Commander Retires, 2030
    by J. F. Miskel, R. J. Norton, R. Ratcliff and D. A. Williams
  • World Naval Developments: Electronic Surveillance Becomes More Agile
    by Norman Friedman
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Honoring Heroes, Remembering Victims
    by Commander Randy Bowdish, U.S. NavY
  • Subs Must Connect with the Fleet
    by Captain James H. Patton Jr., USN (Ret.)
  • Submariner Receives Navy Cross
    by Captain Charlie Rush, USN (Ret.)
  • Cancel the Navy JSF
    by Lieutenant Commander Victor L. Vescovo, USNR
  • Taking Command
    by Commanding Officers of Destroyer Squadron 23
  • 'Open the Gates'
    by Lieutenant Colonel Brendan Greeley, USMC (Ret.)
  • Marching toward Athens?
    by Lieutenant Colonel Brendan Greeley, USMC (Ret.)
  • Midway Service and Sacrifice
    by Admiral Vern Clark, USN
  • What Went Wrong at Midway
    by Lieutenant Commander Brian FaIke, U.S. Navy
  • Meeting the Need for Speed
    by Admiral Robert J. Natter, USN
  • There Are No Borders at Sea
    by Admiral Toru lshikawa, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Closing the Science-Sailor Gap
    by James E. Colvard
  • Technical Experts Are in the Reserves
    by Captain Nick Tredennick, USNR (Ret.)
  • Keep the Military Neutral
    by Lieutenant Juan M. Garcia III, USN
  • Handling the Arleigh Burkes - Part Three
    by Lieutenant Angus N. P. Essenhigh, Royal Navy, and Commander Michael T. Franken, U.S. Navy
  • Get the Right Technology to War Fighters
    by Brigadier General James M. Feigley, U.S. Marine Corps, Captain Robert B. Cook, U.S. Nall, (Retired), and Lieutenant Colonel Gregory J. Johnson, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
  • Arm Seahawks to Meet Low-Level Threats
    by Commander David Tyler, U.S. Naval Reserve
  • Tactical Decision Support Subsystem Breaks with Navy Tradition
    by Operations Specialist Third Class Joel W. Inman, U.S. Navy
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Are We Really Getting Customer Service?
    by Lieutenant Commander Jeffre3, Barta, U.S. Navy
  • Book Reviews
  • U.S. Navy: Challenging Submarine Numbers
    by Norman Polmar
  • Oceans: Two Weeks before the Mast
    by Don Walsh
  • Points of Interest: Ban on "Concurrent Receipt" to be Phased Out
    by Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    by A. D. Baker III
  • Lest We Forget: USS Albany
    by Eric Wertheim
  • Notebook
  • The Marines Have Quit Their Posts
    by Rear Admiral William J. Holland Jr., USN
  • Advertisements
  • Submariner Receives Navy Cross
    Interview with Captain Charlie Rush, USN (Ret.)

  • 'Open the Gates'
    By Lieutenant Colonel Brendan Greeley, USMC (Ret.)
  • Keep the Military Neutral
    By Lieutenant Juan M. Garcia III, USN

    Politicians from both sides of the aisle have abused their relationship with the military—Admiral William Crowe raised eyebrows for his support of candidate Bill Clinton, and candidate George W. Bush found a useful...


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