Proceedings Magazine - January 2002 Vol. 128/1/1,187

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Match Missile Defense and Tridents
World Naval Developments: The Revolution Arrives
Comment and Discussion
Are We Already Transformed?
Net-Centric Is about Choices
V-22 Is Right for War on
Seawolves Roll In Across the Mekong Delta
We Neglect Religion at Our Peril
Asia: The Military-Market Link
Military Presence in Asia Is Key
Interview: David Shackleton
Science and Innovation in the Arctic
New Command Unifies the Fleet
Streetfighter Is a Viable Response
All-Electric Ship: Sirloin or Just Sizzle?
Lessons from the Bridge Wing
Global Positioning System - Our Achilles' Heel?
Simulation Systems Can Train Marines
Fleet Validates Joint Mission Force Concept
Are Sub Commanders Scapegoats?
Approach Paperless Navigation with Caution
Nobody Asked Me, But ... The Navy Isn't Serious about Using UAVs
Book Reviews
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Why Are Support Aviation Aircrews Left Behind?
Naval Systems: Missile-Defense Combat System Gets Sea Test
Points of Interest: Transformation Chief Wants New Approach to Weapon Development
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 144 (VA-144)
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Why Are Marines in Afghanistan?
We Neglect Religion at Our Peril

Given the religious component of so many of today's hostilities, chaplains can and should play a larger role in peace making...

Are We Already Transformed?

Despite the hand-wringing over transformation, the Navy’s history of dispersed operations has made it much more...

Asia: The Military-Market Link

China could be the world's largest auto market by 2020, increasing its oil needs by 40%. The Pentagon and Wall Street must...

Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 144 (VA-144)

Attack Squadron 144 (VA-144)

Attack Squadron 144 (VA-144) originally was established as VA-116 on 1 December 1955 at NAS Miramar...

Are Sub Commanders Scapegoats?

The late Brazilian statesman Roberto Campos often said sarcastically, "It is less important to find solutions than...


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