Proceedings Magazine - December 2001 Vol. 127/12/1,186

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The Pendelton Rescue

It has been 50 years since First Class Boatswain's Mate (BM1) Bernard Webber and his volunteer crew of three took their 36-foot wooden...

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Transformation Is an Old Game
World Naval Developments: Fighting Far from the Sea
Publisher's Page
Comment and Discussion
Are We Really at War?
If It's War, Treat It that Way
Keep the Pressure on the Bad Guys
This Afghan War Is Different
They Underestimated the Americans
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Pentagon versus the Media: Still at War?
Kamikazes, Q-Ships & Carrier Defense
The Need for Big Speed
Too Tired to Tell?
Unless There Was a Death
The Pendelton Rescue
Interview: John Lehman
Air Defenses After Kosovo
On Condition of Anonymity
Stealth Means Survivability
Pearl Harbor's Lost Hero
A Terrible Resolve
Professional Notes
The USO Still Serves
Book Reviews
U.S. Navy: What Happened to DD-21?
Oceans: Commission on Ocean Policy: Just Another Committee?
Points of Interest: Bank's Refusal to Drop Loan Rate Seen as Violating Reservist's Rights
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget: USS Sheridan
Always Test History for Relevancy
The Need for Big Speed

Are We Really at War?

President George Bush declared that the United States is at war in his 20 September address to Congress. This "war on...

If Its War, Treat It That Way

From the moment we were subjected to the horrors of 11 September, few have disagreed with President George Bush's call for swift and decisive...

Kamikazes, Q-Ships & Carrier Defense

Lacking a significant blue-water capability with which to counter U.S. striking power, potential opponents might turn to...

Lest We Forget: Attack Transport Sheridan (APA-51)

Attack Transport Sheridan (APA-51)

Cowinner, Marine Corps Essay Contest Legion: Lessons for Today's Marines


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