Proceedings Magazine - November 2001 Vol. 127/11/1,185

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Go After Them and Eliminate Them

Cashiering Freedom for Security

The United States is engaged in a war of intimidation—as both victim of and avenging angel for the events of 11 September. As the price of...

Who Are Our Quiet Warriors?

Cowinner, Marine Corps Essay Contest Legion: Lessons for Today's Marines

Cowinner, Marine Corps Essay Contest: Warfighting Brought to You by . . .

. . . several people, but most notably, an unlikely source. The groundwork for the way the U.S. Marine Corps does business was laid by none other...

National Security Depends on Deepwater

The U.S. Coast Guard, the nation's fifth armed service, faces an organizational crossroad. The key to its continued existence as an armed force...

Lest We Forget: Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 (VMFA-531)

Marine Fighter-Attack Squadron 531 (VMFA-531)

Marine Fighter-Attack Squadron 531 (VMFA-531) was activated at MCAS Cherry Point,...


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