Proceedings Magazine - July 2001 Vol. 127/7/1,181

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Toss the Coast Guard a Life Ring
World Naval Developments
Publisher's Page
Comment and Discussion
Is There a Better Explanation?
Answering the Challenges
Making Peacetime Engagement Work
From Conscription to Subscription
Teamwork Under Fire
Battle Stations--The Next Generation
India's 12 Steps to a World-Class Navy
Naval Power Is Vital
Missile Defense Is for the Real World
Black Bags and Seagulls: Fostering Innovation
Branding the Coast Guard
Still Warrior Friendly
Building on a Proven Record
The Legacy of the Black Cats
Interview: Stephen Coonts
Tattletales and Bird Dogs
Try the TEAM Principle
Carriers Aren't Sitting Ducks
Reduce Decision-Making Timelines
Is China Taking a Great Leap Forward in Shipbuilding?
The Emotional Impact of Email on Deployment
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Another Assault on Accountability?
We Can Be Ready in Peacetime
Move Up--Not Out
Understanding the Gap
Has NATO Overstepped Its Bounds?
Baby Number One
An Aerospace View of Urban Operations
Book Reviews
Naval Systems: Dahlgren to Showcase Sea Service War Fighting
Points of Interest: Congress Not Keen on Forcing Disabled Retirees to Choose
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 172 (VA-172)
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Give Them a Sense of Pride, and They'll Stay
Making Peacetime Engagement Work

We can and must shape our peacetime commitments—above, supporting operations in Bosnia and Kosovo—not only to...

From Conscription to Subscription

Interview: Stephen Coonts

In the 15th anniversary year of his first novel, the Naval Institute Press book, Flight of the Intruder, the...

Commentary: Toss the Coast Guard a Life Ring

According to Rear Admiral Ron Silva, the Coast Guard's Assistant Commandant for Systems, "doing the King's work with a peasant's toolbox...

Lest We Forget: Attack Squadron 172 (VA-172)

Attack Squadron 172 (VA-172)

Attack Squadron 172 (VA-172) originally was established as Bomber Fighter Squadron 82 (VBF-82) on...


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