Proceedings Magazine - May 2001 Vol. 127/5/1,179

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We Have a Really Short Bench
Publisher's Page
Comment and Discussion
Abandon Ship!
Network-Centric Warfare Meets the Laws of the Navy
Bridging the Civil-Military Divide
Regaining the Trust
Interview: George F. Will
Change Is Possible & Imperative
The Challenge of Prolonged Peace
Where Is China's Navy Headed?
Sea Change in Shipping
Admirals Strike a Blow for the Press
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Whither the National Fleet?
Punk's War
The U.S. Navy In Review
The U.S. Marine Corps in Review
The Coast Guard in Review
World Naval Developments: Confronting the Chinese
The U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Industry in Review
Naval Aircraft and Weapons Developments
Congressional Watch
Notable Naval Books of 2000
The Old Breed Passes: Tom Lea and Eugene Sledge
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Equal Work Demands Equal Pay
U.S. Navy: Seeking Heroes
Naval Systems: Common Command and Decision Battles for Systems Interoperability
Combat Fleets
Changes In U.S. Naval Forces
Lest We Forget: Strike Fighter Squadron 132
Information Sources
Confessions of a Reformed Revolutionary
Network-Centric Warfare Meets the Laws of the Navy

Interview: George F. Will

The syndicated columnist and commentator on ABC’s Sunday morning news program This Week talked recently in his...

Change Is Possible & Imperative

Those of us who have been involved in the requirements and design of the armed forces have the...

Punk's War

In this excerpt from the Naval Institute Press’s new novel, a young lieutenant known as Punk and his backseater,...

World Naval Developments

This satellite image taken on 4 April shows the Navy EP-3E parked on a taxiway of the Lingshui military airfield on the...

Lest We Forget: Strike Fighter Squadron 132 (VFA-132)

Strike Fighter Squadron 132 (VFA-132)

Strike Fighter Squadron 132 (VFA-132) was established on 3 January 1984 at Naval Air...

Bridging the Civil-Military Divide

First Honorable Mention, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

Many ideas have been floated, but conspicuously absent is any plan to...

Regaining the Trust

Second Honorable Mention, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

Officers and sailors throughout the fleet have the impression that...


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