Proceedings Magazine - February 2001 Vol. 127/2/1,176

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Strategic Agility, Operational Reach, and Tactical Flexibility
World Naval Developments
Comment and Discussion
Tragedy Update
Top Ten Post-Cold War Myths
The Navy Can't Be Their Last Resort
An Epiphany of Sacrifice
A Blanket for My Rack?
The Super Hornet Solution
Airborne Electronic Attack: What's Next?
Let's Take Stand-off Jamming to the Next Level
Service before Self
Manning DD-21
Think Dual-Capable Platforms
How to Capture a Rebel Warship
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Don't Slam the Door on Our Youth
One Helo Does NOT Fit All
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Search and Rescue
PC Gaming and Simulation Supports Training
Hatch a New Breed of Gator
Missile Defense Exposes Real Fears
Book Reviews
U.S. Coast Guard: Setting Records - the Hard Way
Oceans: Nautilus: What's in a Name?
Points of Interest: Housing Allowance Reform Continues into New Year
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Why Rush Unmanned Combat Vehicles?
Top Ten Post-Cold War Myths

As a mobile, sea-based containment force, the U.S. Navy will continue to play an important role in...

The Navy Can't Be Their Last Resort

Recruiting is as tough as ever; it may get worse in the future. To attract today’s youth, the Navy must be ready to give...

An Epiphany of Sacrifice

Being a young sailor isn't easy. "In the Navy" is not the hip refrain it once was. Remembering what those who gave...

A Blanket for My Rack?

Being able to keep warm when it's cold outside shouldn't be a matter of rank. Making sure that the people under your command...

How to Capture a Rebel Warship

A slave working at a Charleston shipyard learned the ropes sufficiently to sneak a Confederate ship—the Planter—past Fort...

Lest We Forget: Ashland (LSD-1)

Ashland (LSD-1)

The dock landing ship Ashland (LSD-1) was the first of a new class of...


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