Proceedings Magazine - January 2001 Vol. 127/1/1,175

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  • Hazarding the Cole
    by John H. Cushman
  • World Naval Developments
    by Norman Friedman
  • Deadly Force Is Authorized
    by Colonel W. Hays Parks, USMCR (Ret.)
  • Orienting the Corps to the Internet
    by Lieutenant Colonel John David Kuntz, USMC
  • When Worlds Collide
    by Lieutenant General Harry D. Raduege Jr., USAF
  • Finding the e-Navy
    by Master Chief Electronics Technician Curt Haggard, USN
  • Reorganizing the Navy Helo Force
    by Lieutenant Commander Frederick Latrash, USN
  • Wading Out of the Iraqi Quagmire
    by Lieutenant Commander John K. Martins, USN
  • In Search of Real Leaders
    by Captain James F. Kelly Jr., USN (Ret.)
  • Total Force—We Aren't There Yet
    by Captain Donald L. Roy, USNR
  • Desert Storm: Ten Years After
    by General Walter E. Boomer, USMC (Ret.), Lieutenant General John J. Yeosock, USA (Ret.), Admiral Stanley R. Arthur, USN (Ret.), and General Charles A. Horner, USAF (Ret.)
  • Stopped Short by Mines
    by Captain L. H. Rosenberg and Lieutenant Commander R. T. Anderson, USN
  • Changing the Way Navy Deploys
    by Captain Daniel J. Franken, Lieutenant Commander Janice M. Graham, and Captain T. LaMar Willis, USN (Ret.)
  • Fire! Fire! Fire! All Hands Man Your Battle Stations!
    by Dr. Scott C. Truver
  • The Need for Speed
    by Thomas B. Hunter
  • Lessons of a Platoon Commander
    by Major Leonard J. DeFrancisci, USMCR
  • Marine Corps Snaps
  • TAOs Must Fight at the Operational Level
    by Commander Paul Murdock, U.S. Navy (Retired)
  • Antiship Missiles Create New Challenges
    by Lon O. Nordeen
  • Naval Postgraduate School Is in Sync with Fleet
    by Rear Admiral David R. Ellison, U.S. Navy
  • Standardizing Material Condition Assessments
    by Captain C. W. Chesterman, Jr., U.S. Navy and Captain Patrick M. Garrett, U.S. Navy
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Make My Mark Where?
    by Chief Electronics Technician Joseph T. Monaghan, U.S. Navy
  • Book Reviews
  • The U.S. Navy: State of the Fleet
    by Norman Polmar
  • Naval Systems: Transduction Revolution Might Lead to DD-21 Sonar
    by Edward J Walsh
  • Points of Interest: Redux Bonus to Get Tax Breaks
    by Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    by A. D. Baker III
  • Lest We Forget
    by Lieutenant Commander Rick Burgess, U.S. Navy (Retired)
  • Notebook
  • The New American Way of War Continuous Transformation
    by Ronald R. Fogleman
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Advertisements
  • Deadly Force Is Authorized
    By Colonel W. Hays Parks, USMCR (Ret.)

    Sidebar: Consequences of Compliance?

    Overly restrictive and unsuitable rules of engagement handicap and endanger U.S. forces, especially ground troops on peace-support missions....

  • Hazarding the Cole
    By John H. Cushman, Lieutenant General, USA (Ret.)

    On 13 October 2000, the destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67), at anchor while refueling in Yemen's Aden harbor, was crippled by a powerful explosive carried on a small boat that was placed alongside the ship by a suicide team. The next day,...

  • The U.S. Navy
    By Norman Polmar, Author, <i>Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet</i>

    The U.S. Navy is ill prepared to enter the 21st century. The service is plagued by major personnel problems, too few ships for assigned missions, less-than-optimal aircraft, and, to some degree, a headquarters organization that is unable to...


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