Proceedings Magazine - December 2000 Vol. 126/12/1,174

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Help Keep This the Greatest Navy
World Naval Developments
Comment and Discussion
Further Developments on the Kursk
If We Didn't Have a Coast Guard, We'd Have to Build One
The Coast Guard Needs Focus
Storm Approaching!
Semper Paratus—The Rest of the Story
Leveraging LEDet Teams
Cole and Her Crew Send a Message
The Cole Is Attacked
America Loves Its Citizens
I Attended the Cole Memorial
Engagement Is What the Navy Must Do
Can the U.S. Help Them All?
Airborne Takes the Beach
Integration Can Transform Warfare
Attack from Below
The Leaders Must Lead
Nobody Asked Me, But ... The Best Job You Never Had
Dietary Supplements--What Military Supervisors Should Know
Navy Global 2000: One JAG's Perspective
Public Health Service Rotation for Coast Guard Medical Readiness
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Let's Put the Salt Back into Making Chief
Man of Honor
Book Reviews
Oceans: Being There - The Case for the Oceanographic Submarine
Points of Interest: Elderly Gain "Golden Supplement"
Lest We Forget
The Debate on Ethics Must Continue
Storm Approaching

With violence on the rise in missions from alien interdiction to fisheries enforcement, the Maritime Law Enforcement program...

Can the U.S. Help Them All?

U.S. foreign policy in the 20th century was dominated by two competing concepts— the idealism of Woodrow Wilson and the...

Attack from Below

According to photographic imagery and marine forensic and photogrammetric analyses, the photo below indicates the presence of at least one midget...

The Debate on Ethics Must Continue

Over the past year, articles have been published, e-mails disseminated, speeches given, and discussions conducted on character development/...

Let's Put the Salt Back into Making Chief

Do we really want to promote people to chief petty officer in the Navy on the basis of test-taking ability?


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