Proceedings Magazine - October 2000 Vol. 126/10/1,172

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Balancing Star Wars and Muddy Boots
World Naval Developments: What Happened to the Kursk?
Comment and Discussion
Force Structure Will Change
Weinberger-Powell Doctrine Doesn't Cut It
A Plague on Both Your Houses
From the Sea ... to Cyberspace
Turning Information into Knowledge
They Must Be Sturdy
Lessons for Combined Rules of Engagement
We Need a New Advancement System
Wake-Up Call in Kosovo
Launching the Real Maritime Security Force
Presence with an Attitude!
Navy Delivers the Armor
Outsourcing R&D—Panacea or Pipe Dream?
What If Kursk Had Been Ours?
Before They Were Stars
Blue-on-Blue in the Falklands
Naval Intelligence Must Focus on Time-Critical Targeting
Take the Small Boat Threat Seriously
Reduced Manning and High-Tech Bridges Demand New Training Standards
A Mid-Course Correction for Team Coast Guard
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Why Isn't Junior Officer Retention Working?
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Don't Forget Our Others Recruiters
Book Reviews
Oceans: Sub Returns from Patrol - 136 Years Later
Points of Interest: With No SecDef Support, Elderly Still Score Healthcare Gains
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Logistics Support Doesn't Work
Force Structure Will Change

Each service stands to win—or lose—depending on what national security visions the new administration embraces. System visions favor...

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Since 1992, Proceedings has devoted a great deal of ink to the subject of gay people being allowed to serve...

They Must Be Sturdy

Sensor, electronics, and weapons technologies have improved dramatically since 1945, making warships deadlier than ever...

What If Kursk Had Been Ours?

When Russia lost its nuclear-propelled submarine Kursk, the U.S. Navy was engaged in a program to increase U.S. submarine escape...

Weinberger-Powell Doctrine Doesn't Cut It

Lots of folks are talking about the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine again—but what does it offer the United States today? Among other things,...

What Happened to the Kursk?

Take the Small Boat Threat Seriously

For my purposes, small boats comprise what Sir Julian Corbett called "the flotilla." In his analysis of...


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