Proceedings Magazine - June 2000 Vol. 126/6/1,168

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  • Standing for Our Flag

    In the June Proceedings, Captain Eyer in his “Charting a Course” column introduced retired Navy Admiral William...


    # 3 The Exocet Missile 


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  • Commentary: The Nation Needs the MV-22
    by General J. L. Jones, USMC
  • World Naval Developments
    by Norman Friedman
  • 'They All Hated Rules of Engagement'
    by William Friedkin

    This is an edited excerpt from remarks delivered to the U.S. Naval Institute's 126th Annual Meeting and 10th Annapolis Seminar, where the director of Rules of Engagement told how he made the movie.

  • Comment and Discussion
  • Virginia Can Be a Streetfighter
    by Lieutenant Mike Parry, USN
  • The Enemy [Below]…the Brass Above
    by J. Michael Brower
  • The Same Sub Design—Again?
    by Captain Richards T. Miller, USN (Ret.)
  • Fast Attacks and Boomers: The Smithsonian Exhibit
    by Commander William J. Toti, USN
  • Carrier Firepower: Realizing the Potential
    by Angelyn Jewell
  • 'You Heroes of Iwo Jima'
    by James J. Bradley
  • Is the Coast Guard Ready for Petty Officer Ryan?
    by Rear Admiral Fred Ames, USCG, and Stephen B. Wehrenberg
  • Every Coast Guardsman a Lifesaver
    by Lieutenant Commander Kevin E. Lunday, USCG
  • 20,000 Marines Are Needed in Japan
    by Major Grant F. Newsham, USMCR
  • Abolish the Mindless Work
    by Captain William D. Needham, USN, and Commander Jay Burdon, USN
  • Restore the Focus on Technology
    by J. H. Beall
  • Innovation Is Reborn
    by Rear Admiral Bernard J. Smith, USN
  • Mao's Midnight Proposition
    by Commander Thomas B. Buell, USN (Ret.)
  • First-Class Women
    by Susan B. Sweeney
  • Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest Winner: Caring
    by Lieutenant Jason Brandt, USN
  • The Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier
    by Captain J. Talbot Manvel, Jr., U.S. Navy
  • Developing a Community of C4IW Professionals
    by Lieutenant Danelle Barrett, U.S. Navy
  • Chemical, Biological, or Radiological?
    by Vash Klein
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Reservists Help Bridge the Culture Gap
    by Lieutenant Commander Robert D. Fain, U.S. Naval Reserve
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Get Back in Touch with Your People
    by Master Chief Sonar Technician James T. McLain, U.S. Navy
  • As I Recall .. .Chaplain John O'Connor
    by Rear Admiral Neil M. Stevenson, CHC, USN (Ret.)
  • Book Reviews
  • U. S. Navy
    by Norman Polmar
  • Oceans: Wet Wilderness - America's Marine Sanctuaries
    by Don Walsh
  • Points of Interest: Why Military Food Stamp Usage Could Rise Even as Pay Improves
    by Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    by A. D. Baker III
  • Lest We Forget
    by Eric Wertheim
  • Notebook
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... The Silence of the Labs
  • Advertisements
  • Commentary: The Nation Needs the MV-22
    By General J. L. Jones USMC

    On 8 April, our nation suffered the loss of 19 United States Marines in the crash of an MV-22 Osprey aircraft. These young men are mourned by their loved ones and friends, and by citizens throughout the country. The Marine Corps is a family,...

  • Fast Attacks and Boomers: The Smithsonian Exhibit
    By Commander William J. Toti, USN

    My favorite joke is one I learned from my grandfather. It goes like this:

    A man walks into a market and inquires about the price of tomatoes. (Italian allegory usually has something to do with tomatoes.)
    The proprietor...

  • 'You Heroes of Iwo Jima'
    By James J. Bradley

    On 20 February 2000, the 55th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Iwo Jima, James J. Bradley was the keynote speaker at the ceremony at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, honoring the soldiers who...

  • Caring
    By Lieutenant Jason Brandt, USN

    A chief's unusual question at morning quarters teaches a young lieutenant that caring for your people is the best way to ensure the success of the mission.

  • The Enemy [Below] . . . the Brass Above
    By J. Michael Brower

  • The Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier
    By Captain J. Talbot Manvel, Jr., U.S. Navy

    "Where are the carriers?" is still among the first questions asked when a crisis arises somewhere on the globe. To date, no one has invented anything that even comes close to their wide-ranging capabilities.

    In the wake of the...


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