Proceedings Magazine - May 2000 Vol. 126/5/1,167

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On War—It's Not Just a Military Affair Anymore

First Honorable, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

The classic theories of war don't work like they used to. Nine years...

It's More than a Trade

Second Honorable, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

To man its complex and sophisticated weapon systems, the Navy needs...

Requiem for a Sailor's Writer

How does one say goodbye to an author who has accompanied so many of us to sea on hundreds of voyages, whose dog-eared paperbacks have sat by...

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Don't Ask--Don't Tell: Is It Working?
Comment and Discussion
The Fall and Rise of Naval Forward Presence
On War: It's Not Just a Military Affair Anymore
It's More Than a Trade
Anthrax and the Internet
Life after DoDth
Powering the 21st-Century Fleet
Network-Centric Concepts Can Guarantee Access
Export Missile Defense?
Burke Speaks Out on Korea
Dog Company Six at War
The U.S. Navy In Review
The U.S. Marine Corps in Review
The Coast Guard in Review
World Naval Developments: Fixing the Collins Class
The U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Industry in Review
Naval Aircraft and Weapons Developments
Congressional Watch
Nobody Asked Me, But ... We Must Stop Treating People Like Cattle
Notable Naval Books of 1999
Information Sources
U.S. Naval Battle Force Changes
Naval Systems
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Why Can'ts We Build Quality Software?
Don't Ask—Don't Tell: Is It Working?

The "Don't ask-don't tell" policy regarding sexual orientation has been in effect in the military for eight years. First proposed by...

Anthrax and the Internet

 "After three years of study it was found that vaccination was the safest way to protect a highly mobile military...

Burke Speaks Out on Korea


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