Proceedings Magazine - April 2000 Vol. 126/4/1,166

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  • Standing for Our Flag

    In the June Proceedings, Captain Eyer in his “Charting a Course” column introduced retired Navy Admiral William...


    # 3 The Exocet Missile 


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  • Readiness Is a Moral Responsibility
    by D. L. Grange
  • World Naval Developments: Navy Commits to Electric Drive
    by Norman Friedman
  • Interview with Richard Danzig: We Need to Treat Our People Better
    by Naval Institute staff
  • Comment and Discussion
  • Breaking the Ice
    by Commander Robert H. Perry, USN
  • Three Nations, One Submarine
    by Captain Morten Jacobsen, Royal Norwegian Navy
  • No Slap in the Face
    by Francis Duncan
  • You Can't Handle the Truth!
    by Captain E. Tyler Wooldridge, USN
  • What in the Hell Were You Thinking?
    by Gregory C. Allen
  • Why Single-Engine STOVL?
    by Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Herman, USMC (Ret.)
  • Interview: James Webb
    by Fred Schultz
  • Civil-Military Gap--What Are the Ethics?
    by Gregory D. Foster
  • It's Time for the Revolution
    by Admiral Bill Owens, USN (Ret.)
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... "There Now, The Foul, Dark, Deceitful Deed Be Done!"
    by Commander Robert W. Selle, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
  • Book Reviews
  • The U.S. Navy: Submarine Celebrations and Questions
    by Norman Polmar
  • Oceans: The Biggest Kid on the Dock
    by Don Walsh
  • Points of Interest: SecDef Moves to End Housing Crisis
    by Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    by A. D. Baker III
  • Lest We Forget
    by Eric Wertheim
  • Notebook
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... That 70s Military Is Back?
    by Major Daniel F. Harrington, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Advertisements
  • What in the Hell Were You Thinking?
    By Gregory C. Allen
  • Interview: James Webb

  • Civil-Military Gap--What Are the Ethics?
    By Gregory D. Foster


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