Proceedings Magazine - February 2000 Vol. 126/2/1,164

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Sidebar: Bring It All Back

Editor's Note: General Leonard F. Chapman, Jr., died on 6 January 2000, of...


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Hero and Heretic?

Admiral Elmo R Zumwalt, Jr., was a sailor who went in harm's way—both literally and figuratively...

A Z-Gram Too Far...

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The Right Man at the Right Time

Sidebar: Bring It All Back

Editor's Note: General Leonard F....

It's the Opportunity, Stupid

Why should we expect sailors to stay in the Navy when we don't give them enough opportunity to advance?

What Kind of Transformation Do You Want?

Some national security affairs authorities say that the number one issue facing the U.S. military is to transform itself to fight the next war...

Why We Teach Leadership and Ethics at the Naval Academy

Not surprisingly in this era of intense scrutiny of public institutions, the ethics and leadership curriculum at the U.S. Naval Academy has...


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Wed, 2015-05-27

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