Proceedings Magazine - February 2000 Vol. 126/2/1,164

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  • Hero and Heretic?
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cutler, USN (Ret.)

    Admiral Elmo R Zumwalt, Jr., was a sailor who went in harm's way—both literally and figurativelyand changed the Navy in the process.

    In 1942...

  • A Z-Gram Too Far...
    By Colonel John G. Miller, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)


  • Proceedings Survey

  • Standing for Our Flag

    In the June Proceedings, Captain Eyer in his “Charting a Course” column introduced retired Navy Admiral William...


    # 3 The Exocet Missile 


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  • What Kind of Transformation Do You Want?
    by H. W. Gehman, Jr.
  • World Naval Developments: U.S. Army Goes Expeditionary
    by Norman Friedman
  • Hero and Heretic?
    by Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cutler, USN (Ret.)
  • A Z-Gram Too Far…
    by Ronald H. Spector
  • Comment and Discussion
  • The Right Man at the Right Time
    by Senior Chief Navy Counselor Paul T. Pierce, USN
  • Bring It All Back
    by Master Chief Machinist's Mate James P. Russell, USN
  • It's the Opportunity, Stupid
    by Senior Chief Navy Counselor Paul T. Pierce, U.S. Navy
  • Chiefs Still Are the Linchpins
    by Master Chief Machinist's Mate James P. Russell, U.S. Navy
  • Pay Is a Problem: It Shouldn't Be
    by Master Sergeant Michael M. Green, USAF
  • Readiness Is More Than Numbers
    by Admiral James M. Loy, USCG
  • 22 Questions for Streetfighter
    by Captain Wayne P. Hughes, USN (Ret.)
  • Interview: U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff
    by Brendan Greeley
  • It's More Than E-Mail
    by Admiral Archie Clemins, USN (Ret.)
  • Beyond the Rose-Colored Glasses
    by Lieutenant Commander Douglas A. Jenik, USN
  • The Tyranny of Moore's Law
    by Ensign James A. Calpin, USNR
  • Staying on Top
    by Vice Admiral George P. Steele, USN (Ret.)
  • Breaking the Command Barrier
    by Commander John S. Andrews, USN
  • Arms Control Needs Overhaul
    by Leon Sloss and Benson D. Adams
  • The Skipper
    by Lieutenant Commander James W. Vernon, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
  • Jackie Fisher's Revenge
    by Thomas C. Hone
  • Why We Teach Leadership and Ethics at the Naval Academy
    by Captain Mark N. Clemente, U.S. Navy
  • Exploiting the Net to Fight the Drug War
    by Dr. Robert J. Bunker
  • The New Enlisted Distribution Management System?
    by Rear Admiral Hamlin B. Tallent, U.S. Navy, Commander David Ruedi, U.S. Navy, and Tony Cunningham
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Are Chief Warrant Officers Oxymorons?
    by Chief Warrant Officer (W-3) Todd C. Knop, U.S. Navy
  • Book Reviews
  • The U.S. Navy: Changing Edward Teller's Mind
    by Norman Polmar
  • Oceans: Update: Sea Launch Gets First Bird into Space
    by Don Walsh
  • Points of Interest: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Harass
    by Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    by A. D. Baker III
  • Lest We Forget
    by Eric Wertheim
  • Notebook
  • Navy Cryptology Is Broken
    by Michael S. Loescher
  • Advertisements
  • The Right Man at the Right Time
    By Ronald H. Spector

    Sidebar: Bring It All Back

    Editor's Note: General Leonard F. Chapman, Jr., died on 6 January 2000, of complications after recent surgery. The following is...

  • It's the Opportunity, Stupid
    By Senior Chief Navy Counselor Paul T. Pierce, USN

    Why should we expect sailors to stay in the Navy when we don't give them enough opportunity to advance?

  • What Kind of Transformation Do You Want?
    By H. W. Gehman, Jr.

    Some national security affairs authorities say that the number one issue facing the U.S. military is to transform itself to fight the next war rather than the last one. Participation in the debate through fora like Proceedings is not...

  • Why We Teach Leadership and Ethics at the Naval Academy
    By Captain Mark N. Clemente, U.S. Navy

    Not surprisingly in this era of intense scrutiny of public institutions, the ethics and leadership curriculum at the U.S. Naval Academy has attracted media interest. The majority of the recent coverage has been accurate, but a few editorials...


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