Proceedings Magazine - November 1999 Volume 125/11/1,161

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A Combatant for the Littorals
Rebalancing the Fleet
Numbers Do Matter
How Will We Escort the MV-22?
Picturing an Uncertain Future
Who's Afraid of the NETF?
Marine Corps Snaps
Belay Vertical Landing
Can the Corps Afford First-Term Marriages?
All Might Not Go As Expected'
You Gotta Want to Go to Sea
Orion Hunts Again
Professional Notes
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Restore the Sanctity of Our Awards
NATO Navies - MCM: A Route for Specialization?
Naval Systems: Navy, Marines Link Fire Support
Combat Fleets
Points of Interest: It's More Than Just the Money
World Naval Developments: Guns Firing Missiles?
Lest We Forget
Nobody Asked Me, But ... Is the Navy Sending the Right Message?
Comment & Discussion
A Combatant for the Littorals

The Navy of the 21st century will have to operate close to hostile shores—where large, expensive Aegis combatants may...

Rebalancing the Fleet
How Will We Escort the MV-22?

The MV-22 requires an attached escort platform capable of immediate close air support that can match its speed and range in...

The Navy Is the Best Thing that Has Happened to Vieques . . .

Sidebar: . . . and it's Not Time to Give it Back

"Bridge, combat—we have...


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