Proceedings Magazine - October 1999 Volume 125/10/1,160

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  • Standing for Our Flag

    In the June Proceedings, Captain Eyer in his “Charting a Course” column introduced retired Navy Admiral William...


    # 3 The Exocet Missile 


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  • Breaking Naval Aviation's Glass Ceiling
    By S. W. Dailey
  • Command and Control: The Navy Way Over Kosovo
    By Commander Wayne D. Sharer, USN
  • Coast Guard Helos: A Call to Arms
    By Commander Mike Emerson, USCG
  • The Sinking of the Indy & Responsibility of Command
    By Commander William J. Toti, USN
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell…
    By Janice M. Graham
  • Round-the-Clock, On-Demand Ordnance
    By Captain John W. Mullarky, USN, and Lieutenant Commander David A. Schnell, USN
  • The 1700 Community Is Worth It
    By Lieutenant Kecia A. Dilday, USN
  • Origins of the All-Electric Navy
    By Scott C. Truver
  • Sailors' Time Isn't Free
    By Rear Admiral John M. Luecke, USN, and Rear Admiral Kenneth L. Fisher, USNR
  • Invade Brazil?!
    By Michael Gannon
  • Professional Notes
  • Book Reviews & Books of Interest
  • They Looked OK When They Went by Me
    By Captain Richard Linnekin U.S. Navy (Retired)
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... It's Time to Return Vieques
    By Lieutenant Commander Rafael E. Matos, U.S. Navy
  • The U.S. Navy: On the Prowl(er)
    By Norman Polmar
  • Pennant Race
    By Captain Raymond J. Brown, U.S. Coast Guard
  • NATO Navies - Kosovo: What the Navies Did
    By Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold, Royal Navy, Director, Royal United Services Institute
  • Oceans: New Code of Ethics Strikes Balance Between Archaeology and Salvage
    By Don Walsh
  • Points of Interest: A Tough Choice: Redux or High-3?
    By Tom Philpott
  • Combat Fleets
    By A. D. Baker III
  • World Naval Developments
    By Norman Friedman
  • Lest We Forget
    By Eric Wertheim
  • Nobody Asked Me, But ... Sell It - Don't Give It Away
    By Senior Chief Radioman David G. Deane, U.S. Navy
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  • Comment & Discussion
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  • Origins of the All-Electric Navy
    By Scott C. Truver

     1. Submitted for your review is this summary report of the origins of the all-electric Navy study.

     2. In general, neither technical nor engineering aspects created the greatest challenges in the transition to the all-electric...

  • Breaking Naval Aviation's Glass Ceiling
    By Commander Dailey

    Tactical carrier aviators from the support communities (EA-6B, E-2C, S-3B, H-60) do not select for major operational command and subsequently flag officer at the same rate as their F/A-18 and F-14 counterparts. That’s a fact.


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