Proceedings Magazine - September 1999 Volume 125/9/1,159

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Learning the Lesson We Want to Learn?
Dark Victory
The Mission Must Be Worth The Risk
21 Minutes to Belgrade
Where Is the Peace Dividend Now?
Asian Crisis Spurs Navy TBMD
These Ensigns Today
One JO Can Make a Difference
Nothing Is Ensignproof
The Business behind War Fighting
Radars Can Detect the Periscope
How Can We Save Ships with Small Crews?
The Generals Need to Say No
Scout from the Sea
A Revolting Development
Gotta Get the Go-Fasts
Keeping the Peace Jointly
A Ship for All Reason
The Lost Virtue of Leadership
Professional Notes
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
Boost Sea Pay for Enlisted Sailors
Join the Team
Points of Interest: The Anthrax Controversy
Naval Systems: Sea Services Move on Intranet
Combat Fleets
World Naval Developments: Sub Problems Down Under Continue
Lest We Forget
F-22 Lessons Can Save the Carrier - and the Land-Attack Destroyer
Comment & Discussion
Dark Victory

Sidebar: The Mission Must Be Worth The Risk

After three months, the war between the...

Gotta Get the Go-Fasts

With sophisticated technology and small, oceangoing speedboats, smugglers have changed the drug war to a tactical-level...

F-22 Lessons Can Save the Carrier—and the Land-Attack Destroyer

Learning the Lesson We Want to Learn?

The lessons learned in Kosovo will take a long time to digest, but one already is becoming clear: the miscalculations at the war's beginning...


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