Proceedings Magazine - August 1999 Volume 125/8/1,158

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Truth in Kosovo: Is It Halftime?
Thou Shalt Not Fly
Lost Letter of Midway
The Original Ring of Fire
Parting with the Prowler
Austerity Is Not Affordable
Naval Hawks Bring New Capabilities
Let's Launch a Super COD
Save Room for the Reserves
Sheep, Mavericks, and Institutional Behavior
Land Attack from the Sea
Can Radar Help Defeat the Diesel-Electric Sub?
Wei-Chi: The Game of War
The Military Maritime Consultative Agreement
Why Not an Aviator Commandant?
You Saved My Future Husband
Take Equal Opportunity Off the FitRep
Professional Notes
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
The U.S. Navy: A Submarine for All Seasons?
Oceans: Adventure Diving: Tourist Voyages to the Bottom of te Sea
Points of Interest: Doubts About Costs Undercut Subvention Test
World Naval Developments: Did Kosovo Teach Us Anything?
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Comment & Discussion
Thou Shalt Not Fly

Truth in Kosovo: Is It Halftime?

The war in Kosovo is over. At least that is what the media and politicians say. If it is indeed over, the public should be told that America can...

Patrol Craft Can Maintain Littoral Sea Control


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