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Nobody Asked Me But…Why Stay in the Seagoing Profession?

By Commander Robert P. Girrier, U.S. Navy
  • It is the singularity of our work.
  • It is the wide open expanse of the sea and the deep blue swells.
  • It is the star-filled night observed from a silent bridge wing.
  • It is the waterspouts and the whales, and dolphins riding the bow wave.
  • It is the whitecaps and the whistling wind.
  • It is the shimmer of phosphorescence both in our wake and rising from the depths on a dark night.
  • It is the satisfaction of bringing your ship smartly alongside, whether replenishing at sea or returning to port.
  • It is the feeling of a job well done after the exercise, and the team spirit during its planning and execution.
  • It is mixing it up with foreign navies in tactical maneuvers, leap frogs, and encounter exercises.
  • It is the thrill of port visits halfway around the world, and of homecomings.
  • It is always being the first in the fray—wherever it is.
  • It is the satisfaction of your first watch as officer of the deck late at night, when you know the trust of your sleeping shipmates lies squarely in your hands and good judgment.
  • It is the indescribable joy of commanding a ship and her crew.

Where We Are Going

  • It is our "Linebacker" ships and the evolution toward theater-wide ballistic missile defense.
  • It is DD-21 (the land-attack destroyer) and LPD-17, and our ability to influence events in the littorals and well beyond.
  • It is new weapons such as the Standard Missile 2 Block IV and the Standard Missile 3, tactical Tomahawk, and the 5-inch/62 gun.
  • It is network-centric warfare.

We have a lot to cheer about: the history, the invigorating life, and the cutting-edge technology. What we do is relevant . Stick around and help us fix what is wrong. These are exciting times.

Commander Girrier commanded the USS Guardian (MCM-5).


Commander Girrier is the commanding officer of the USS Roosevelt (DDG-80).

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