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To Win on the Ground in Kosovo

Comment and Discussion

"The Recruiting Problem We Don't Talk About"

(See T. Strother, p. 192, May 1999 Proceedings)


Real Story of Scorpion?

Tabloids might call this "the untold story" of what caused the sinking of the submarine Scorpion in 1968. Probabilities that a...

Response Is Assured

Deterrence is a vital part of U.S. security strategy, but today’s reduced threat environment could allow us to move some of our...

Can IT Work for ASW?

It can—if antisubmarine warfare sensors are upgraded to increase detection capabilities. Then the network can be used to reduce and...

Let the Youngsters Live Their Lives

The other day as I was running some weekend errands, I saw a bumper sticker on a rusted-out Honda in front of me that struck me as germane to...

Open Letters to Lieutenant Butler

*See “Why I Will Leave the Navy,” April 1999...

Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest Winner: Leadership from the Front

History reveals countless examples of both good and bad leadership. At Hué City, U.S. Marine commanders led...

They Got Game

It has become a cliché—though clearly valid—to say that we live in a world that changes daily. Today's strategic planners...

The readiness crisis facing all the services has generated a host of solutions: more spare parts, more training, more...

Is Navy "Information Management" Becoming an Oxymoron?

Warfighters need quick and seamless access to information in order to control and understand the modern battlespace. Getting this...

We've Got to Know Where You Are

U.S. Naval Institute Seminars bring discussion of timely issues and hot topics to the stage. Some...

How Much Is One Life Worth?
Professional Notes

Naval Academy Improves Navigation Instruction

By Vice Admiral John R. Ryan, U.S. Navy

Navigation instruction at the Naval...

Nobody Asked Me But…Stealth Saves Lives

Book Reviews

The Man and His Art: R. G. Smith, An Autobiography

R. G. Smith with Rosario Rausa. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1999. 112 pp....

Smart Bombs and Linear Thinking Over Yugoslavia

Despite what you hear from the daily Pentagon briefers, the United States is engaged in an air war in Yugoslavia. While there seems to be no...

Oceans: Whose Ship Is It Anyway?

The RMS Titanic sank on 15 April 1912, with more than 1,500 people lost. In 1985, the wreckage was found and photographed at a depth of...

Points of Interest

Where Are the Battleships?

Two of the four Iowa-class battleships, the Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64...

World Naval Developments: British Deep-Six Project Horizon

Late in April, the British government withdrew from the troubled Project Horizon frigate program, leaving France and Italy as the Horizon...

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget

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