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Who Should Have Tried Captain Ashby?

On 4 March 1999, a U.S Marine Corps court-martial at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, found Marine Captain Richard J. Ashby—who on 3 February...

Comment and Discussion

"We're Recruiting Another Great Generation"

(See B. McGann, p. 6, April 1999 Proceedings)


Driving Bill and Madeleine Bananas

Human-Centric Warfare

Winner, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

New technologies offer the services the prospect of collecting and distributing...

War Fighting . . . and More

First Honorable Mention, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

War fighting is the Navy's primary mission, but to focus on it...

Where Will All the Admirals Go?

Second Honorable Mention, Arleigh Burke Essay Contest

New technologies force changes—in force structure, equipment designs...

'It's All a Matter of Perspective': An Interview with General Anthony Zinni, U.S. Marine Corps

The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Central Command, leader of Operation Desert Fox (December 1998) and ongoing operations against Iraq, talked...

Mastering and Controlling Change

To prepare for future conflicts, we must change the way we change. Joint experimentation offers the opportunity to give our forces the right...

Within Striking Distance & Ready to Act

With the world's ocean traffic serving swollen coastal populations and transiting vital sea lines of communication—manifest in a...

Steaming Into a New World

The Cold War was a war for national survival. It demanded sacrifices that lesser conflicts cannot justify. In the...

December 7, 1999: The Second, Silent Attack on Pearl Harbor

In Pursuit of 'the Real Navy'

The author of an upcoming Naval Institute Press book takes us around the world—from aircraft and carriers to submarines and surface...

One Special Ship

The chemistry of the wardroom of the USS Thomas S. Gates in 1990 and 1991 convinced at least one officer to stay in the Navy. Can...

Retention: What works for DesRon 21?

The commanding officers and command master chiefs of the six ships of Destroyer Squadron 21 recently participated in an open forum on...

The U.S. Navy in Review

A "book-end" year—that is what 1998 was for the U.S. Navy. Chronic crisis in the Arabian Gulf flared as the year dawned, and the...

The U.S. Marine Corps in Review

The Coast Guard in Review

"Tomorrow ends a very difficult month for the U.S. commercial fishing fleet. Ten boats sunk. Eleven people missing or known dead....

World Naval Developments

Serbian Air Defenses Take on Stealth

Early in the attacks on targets in Kosovo and Serbia, the U.S. Air Force lost an F-117A...

The U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Industry in Review

U.S. Naval Aircraft and Weapon Developments


Congressional Watch

Call it the year the rose-colored glasses came off. Between last spring and this one, lawmakers probed and prodded and listened in amazement as...

Notable Naval Books of 1998

Naval Systems: Navy Seeks Funds for Sensor-Detecting Laser

The Applied Optics Division of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is betting that the Marine Corps will want its landing craft equipped with a...

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget

Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Nine (HS-9) was established at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, on 4 June 1976, equipped with the SH-...

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