Proceedings Magazine - March 1999 Volume 125/3/1,153

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Honor in Uniform

Comment and Discussion

"Let's Fix Retention Now"

(See M. Butler, pp. 28-30, February 1999 Proceedings)

Senior Chief Navy...

Commanders Respond

Commanders of the world's navies answered this year's question: Given the proliferation of new naval...

End of the Continental Century

Prize Winner, International Navies Essay Contest

The 20th century has been an era of continentalist powers—Soviet Russia,...

SAN Can Lead the African Renaissance

First Honorable Mention, International Navies Essay Contest

The most operational fleet in Africa, the South African Navy is the...

How Far Will the Dragon Swim?

Second Honorable Mention, International Navies Essay Contest

China is expanding its presence in international waters and...

U.S. TLAMs Give Britain More Options

The purchase of 65 U.S. Tomahawk missiles—test fired by the Splendidin late 1998—will provide Britain with a...

Swedish Navy Mixes Evolution and Revolution to Launch Stealth Multimission Corvette

The Royal Swedish Navy's first stealth ship, the corvette Visby, is in production and soon to be commissioned. The first series...

A French Expeditionary Force Without Conscripts

Reflecting France's many overseas commitments, French paratroopers from the 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment evacuated...

"Early and Forward": A New Strategic Concept for the Italian Navy

The Italian Navy increasingly will rely on its amphibious warfare and replenishment platforms—led by the helicopter carrier Giuseppe...

International Law Still Applies in Mine Warfare

The USS Ernest G. Small lost her bow to a mine, and nine other U.S. Navy ships were damaged or sunk by mines during the Korean War...

World Navies in Review

Remember Bengtskär!

For Finland, the 26 July 1941 Battle of Bengtskar was akin to the Alamo in the United States—a victory with both military and moral...

If You Give Us the Mission, Tell Us the Facts

A "secret" U.S. policy shift away from the threat to use immediate military force against Iraq left U.N. inspectors exposed. And...

Changing Amphibious Command Relationships

New operational concepts have blurred the line between land and sea, to allow amphibious assault forces to maintain tempo. This makes...

Responding to Two-Dimensional Terrorism

Osama bin Laden and his followers cannot accept the complexities of the real political world, and so continue with terrorist acts such as...

Bring Back ASW - Now!

Integral Navy submarine hunting skills and assets are falling by the wayside. For example, the S-3 Vikings no longer...

VP + VQ + VPU = VPR?

Sidebar: The Joint Factor
Sidebar: The Forgotten P-3...

Does "Justice" Go Too Far?

The mandates of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual upon anyone who is found in Article 15 proceedings to have violated the Uniform Code...

Nobody Asked Me But…Real Pay Table Reform

Book Reviews

The Collapse of the Soviet Military

William E. Odam. New Haven, CT: Yale University, 1998. 523 pp. Notes. Bib. Index...

Naval Systems: Phalanx Radar/Rolling Airframe Missile Combination Offers Promise

Engineers for Raytheon's Missile Systems business unit and RAMSys of Germany are working toward a target date of early next year to complete...

Points of Interest: Closing the Pay Gap?

If the Senate Armed Services Committee has its way, 1999 will be a standout year for military compensation, the kind that pops up only once or...

World Naval Developments

We Bomb Iraq—Again

Lest We Forget

Patrol Squadron 13 (VP-13) was established on 1 July 1940, formed at Naval Air Station San Diego, California, from personnel from VP-14....

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