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The DD-21 as Deus ex Machina

U.S. Naval Institute 1873-1998: The Sea Service Forum

To help celebrate 125 years as the sea services "premier forum for thoughtful dialogue, " the Naval Institute asked some of its...

Comment and Discussion

"The Casualty Myth"

(See R. Peters, p.10, May 1998 Proceedings)

War Isn't a Rational Business

The information revolution notwithstanding, war will continue to be a brutish, chaotic, and emotional battle of wills. Network-centric...

Is American Military Professionalism Declining?

Editor's Note: On 23 April 1998, The Wall Street Journal's Pentagon correspondent and the author of Making the Corps (Scribner, 1997...

Why They Called the Scorpion "Scrapiron"

Based on newly declassified information and existing evidence, a former CIA intelligence officer theorizes on how we lost the submarine...

Paperless Navy . . . Pshaw!

Paperless Navy . . . Pshaw!

By Lieutenant Michael Junge, U.S. Navy

Ten years ago, Navy visionaries dreamt of...

It's Time to Face the Gender Paradox

Society and the military have different purposes—the former to live, the latter to die, if need be. Nowhere is this paradox...

Obligations of the Citizen-Soldier

First Honorable Mention, Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest

In the United States, soldiers and citizens are all...

The Total Force Is the Future

"This victory belongs . . . to the regulars, to the reserves, to the National Guard. This victory belongs to the finest fighting force this...

Let the Fleet Design the Carrier

What characteristics should the next aircraft carrier have? Those who will sail the next-generation carrier may answer quite differently...

ANGLICO: Deep Fires or Deep Six?

Marine ANGLICO companies fill an important niche in directing fires. We must rethink this decision to disband this potent force, and reshape...

Nobody Asked Me But…A Different Kind of Hollow Force?

Since the beginning of the current defense drawdown, we have heard warnings against the "hollowing" of the military services, a return...

Because We Can, We Should

Capstone Essay Contest

The U.S. military has served as the big stick in U.S. politics for the last 50 years. Since the end of World...

End the Zero-Defects Mentality

Capstone Essay Contest

The U.S. military long has been one of the most respected and trusted institutions in the United States. While...

Do More with Less

Capstone Essay Contest

Because of military cutbacks and budgetary streamlining, less money is available to perform military missions...

Get Psyched!

Capstone Essay Contest

Professional Notes

Exercising the Operational Art in Steel Knight VII

By Lieutenant Colonel Drew A. Bennett, U.S. Marine Corps

Nobody Asked Me But…Don't Trade on the Uniform

By posing nude in Playboy, Lieutenant Frederica Spilman cheapened the real contributions and sacrifices that she and the rest of us...

Nobody Asked Me But…You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Book Reviews

A Fellowship of Valor: The Battle History of the United States Marines

Col. Joseph. H. Alexander, USMC (Ret.). New York:...

The U.S. Navy: The Sinking of a Carrier

The CVX has been sunk. She was to have been the U.S. Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier, a major departure from the Nimitz (...

Naval Systems: Another Common Combat System

The program executive office for theater air defense and surface combatants (PEO TAD/SC) is planning a preliminary design review this month to...

Points of Interest: Military Retirees Will Test Federal Health Benefits

In a bygone era, when active-duty service members outnumbered retirees and there were many more military hospitals, medical readiness goals...

World Naval Developments: Thunder Rolls out of India and Pakistan

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget

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