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Replace the LHAs with LHDs

The Secretary of Defense has directed the U.S. Navy to maintain 12 Amphibious Ready Groups (ARGs) supporting 2.5 Marine Expeditionary Brigades (...

U.S. Naval Institute 1873-1998: The Sea Service Forum

To help celebrate 125 years as the sea services’ "premier forum for thoughtful dialogue,” the Naval...

Comment and Discussion

"Where Have All the 0-3s Gone?"

(See L. D. Lewis, pp. 24-26, February 1998 Proceedings)

Subs Slip Through the Net

Network-centric concepts will allow the individual platforms and systems of the task force to be in constant communication, but if the Navy...

Arctic ASW: Have We Lost?

Ice can cover submarine operations. And submarines armed with missiles operating in the Northern Marginal Sea Ice Zone littorals can...

USW: We Can't Wish It Away

The Soviet submarine fleet may not be the threat it once was, but undersea warfare remains a critical core competency for the Navy.

Nobody Asked Me But…"The Crops Can Wait for This"

Today's social dynamic and the attendant pressures on our military customs and traditions easily can steal center stage from the more...

Nobody Asked Me But…Learn to Accept Women at the Naval Academy

The World Is Our Coastline!

The U.S. Coast Guard now visits foreign ports. What can we accomplish with a presence aboard?

What Is a Coast Guard Cutter Doing in Europe?

Carrier Battle Group: Potent Weapon or Paper Tiger?

"During the . . . crisis last fall it was decided to send the conventional carrier John F. Kennedy... to reinforce the Sixth Fleet in...

Offense Catching Up with Defense

Old technology continues to help the defense when it comes to mine warfare. Mines continue to pose a significant threat to amphibious forces...

The Smart Ship Is Not Enough

The Navy has had "smart" systems on board its ships for a while—the Ticonderoga (CG-47) was...

Chance Second Chances

Winner, Vincent Astor Memorial Leadership Essay Contest

Today's zero-defects...

Have You Seen the Light?

Low-light-level technology, which, detects marine bioluminescence, may expand our battlespace awareness beneath the seas.

Professional Notes

The Troops Ashore Deserve Better Fire Support

By Major Tracy A. Ralphs, U.S. Army Reserve


Book Reviews

Black May

Michael Gannon. New York: HarperCollins, 1998. 480 pp. Photos. $30.00 ($27.00).

Reviewed by Vice Admiral James...

The U.S. Navy

The telephone rang incessantly and I received several e-mail messages, all asking the same basic question: "Have the people in the...

Oceans: Psst . . . Wanna Buy a Sub?

Client work took me to North Germany to the shipyards of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Kiel and Thyssen Nordseewerke (TNSW) in Emden....

Points of Interest

Navy Mixed-Gender Boot Camp Survives, For Now

World Naval Developments

India Explodes Three Nukes

India startled the world by announcing on 11 May that it had conducted underground tests of three nuclear...

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget

Built by the Portsmouth Navy Yard of New Hampshire, the USS Sirago (SS-485), a Tench-class submarine named for a tropical...

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