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As Commandant of the Coast Guard, I am proud of my involvement with the Naval Institute and pleased to express my appreciation for the thoughtful exchanges that have taken place within its pages with real relevance to our service.

Admiral Kramek is the 20th Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard and a 1961 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He is both a surface operations specialist and a naval engineer.


Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski, U.S. Navy

Given the size and labyrinthine elements of the Navy and Marine Corps—a large component of the world's largest business, the Department of Defense—it can be difficult to understand the current issues in sea power. Identifying several dimensions of complexity in these issues can help clear the view.

Rank is one dimensional axis: the viewpoint of a flag officer can differ significantly from that of a lieutenant. A second dimension emerges by looking horizontally: perspectives vary across warfare disciplines and warfare platforms. A third dimension is provided by time: our understanding of sea power has changed over the years, and our current thoughts are guided by the past but also seek to gain insights into alternative futures.

The Naval Institute offers an opportunity to synthesize thought across these three dimensions. The challenge to Naval Institute contributors, readers, and editors is to search for a perspective across rank, warfare area, and time which cannot be found elsewhere.

Admiral Cebrowski is the Director, Space, Information Warfare, Command, and Control, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. An aviator, he was Commander, Carrier Group Six, and Commander, America Battle Group.



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