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The Naval Institute's contribution to professional development in the Navy goes well beyond its fine magazine. The Naval Institute sponsors key forums that bring some of the best minds in our Navy together and publishes some of the most important books for our profession-many of which end up on the Chief of Naval Operations' required reading list.

Congratulations on 125 outstanding years. May the next 125 be even better!

Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet, since November 1996, Admiral Clemins is a leader in information technology innovation. He commanded USS Pogy (SSN-647) before his promotion to flag rank.


Commander James Goldrick, Royal Australian Navy

I first read the Naval Institute Proceedings as an eight-year-old, when my father brought home a run of issues from the late '50s and early '60s. He had found them in his office in the Navy Department in Canberra. I still have those magazines, torn and dog-eared as they are. The photographs I enjoyed-the monthly "Pictorial" was a highlight for a young warship enthusiast and would-be naval historian. The articles, some of which I understood, many of which I did not, I admired and read time and time again. A few of the half-comprehended titles, such as "CAPROS not Convoy, Counterattack and Destroy," remain fixed in my mind to this day. I loved "A Page from the Old Navy," and I pored over "Professional Notes" and "Comment and Discussion." All of this gave me a window on the United States Navy at the start of the missile age which has proved the foundation of much of my professional dealing with the U.S. Navy over the last 20 years. I have been a fan of the Proceedings and of the Naval Institute ever since.

The Proceedings remains to me as good as ever. Its range of topics, the quality of its writing and of its editing, its masterful use of photography and graphics are second only to its fundamental and abiding strength: the Naval Institute's encouragement of and devotion to free speech and open discussion.

Commander Goldrick is the commanding officer of HMAS Sydney (FFG-03) and author of The King's Ships Were at Sea (Naval Institute Press, 1984) and No Easy Answers (Lancer, 1997). 



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