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Nobody Asked Me But…How About Real Quality of Life—At Work!

By Commander T.A. Cropper, U.S. Navy

When our petty officers are making the decision to stay in or leave the Navy, are they really concerned about whether the barracks has new wallpaper? Unlikely. Here is what they are more likely to be wondering:

  • Why does it take so long to get new work-boots, coveralls, batteries, cleaning supplies (fill in the blank)?
  • Do I really want to continue busting my butt cannibalizing parts (and making even more work for myself)?
  • Why can't I ever count on a firm airlift arrival time?
  • Why am I out here using a manual "speed" handle, while civilian depot workers are using power tools?
  • How come there's only one copier that works in the whole building?
  • What does that civilian company repay its workers for their travel expenses?

When people in the Navy are deciding whether or not to remain in their present jobs, I seriously doubt that they focus exclusively on the off-hours aspects. What most likely will come to the fore is whether they are satisfied on the job. Let's focus on our core competency—warfighting—and realign and target our Quality of Life programs where our sailors devote more of their time and effort. At work.

Commander Cropper is the executive officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 83 at Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Florida. 


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