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'Stop Whining'

When I was asked to appear on this panel, I asked myself: Why are we doing this again? How many panels have we had on the military and the media...

Comment and Discussion

"We Can't Afford Perfection"

(See P. J. Vincent, p. 143, May 1997 Proceedings)

Cruise Missiles of the Gods

In the cruise missile-stealth aircraft battle, winner-take-all may not be the best idea.

In late 1994, the Government...

Building Sailors Better

Recruits come to boot camp with many of society's values—or lack of values. Training methods that worked in the old days don't...

Riding the Dragon

The Chinese have a saying that "change is a dragon." If you try to ignore him or control him, he will eat you. But if you can ride...

Genghis John

John Boyd—who fought the establishment for more than 50 years and prevailed—set a standard for integrity...

Fifth Fleet, Arriving

Challenging issues faced by the Fifth Fleet, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa FL, include Iran, Iraq, ongoing maritime...

Shooting from the Hip

Improvisation has its limits, but shooting from the hip in some situations gives the Coast Guard the flexibility needed to accomplish today...

"Square Peg...Round Hole!"

The Naval Reserve should view itself as a part-time peacetime Navy, with a secondary mission as a wartime augmentation force. It should...

To Catch the Quiet Ones

The Russian submarine force remains formidable, and countering the quieting trend of Russian nuclear-powered submarines is the most...

A Mind of Her Own

Professional Notes

"...Can Spoil Your Whole Day."

By Lieutenant Jeffrey Rees, U.S. Navy


Stern-Fired Torpedoes: An Engineering and Tactical Approach

Capstone Essay Contest

A Billion Dollar Blunder?

Capstone Essay Contest

Marine Amphibious Force Operations in the Persian Gulf War

Capstone Essay Contest

The Challenge of Media Scrutiny

Capstone Essay Contest

Media ethics seems to have become an oxymoron, in the view of today's military. Has the relationship...

Nobody Asked Me But…How About Real Quality of Life—At Work!

Nobody Asked Me But…What Happened to the Pyramid?

Book Reviews

Digital Soldiers: The Evolution of High-Tech Weaponry and Tomorrow's Brave New Battlefield

James F. Dunnigan; New York: St....

The U.S. Navy: Reshaping the Wings

Points of Interest: Congress Weighs Survivor Benefit Plan Reform

Congress is deciding whether to include survivor benefit protection reforms in this year's defense bill, and low-cost reforms proposed...

World Naval Developments

The Quadrennial Defense Charade

Once more the mountain has labored, and once more a mouse has been born, in this case the Quadrennial...

Combat Fleets

Lest We Forget

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 50 (VRC-50) hauled passengers and cargo all over the Pacific...

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