Lest We Forget

By Eric Wertheim

The Abraham Lincoln began a refueling overhaul in Groton, Connecticut, on 25 October 1965. She returned to Holy Loch on 3 June 1967, and resumed deterrence patrols. The process of patrol, followed by upkeep alongside a submarine tender continued until March 1972 when she returned to the New London Submarine Base on 25 April 1972.

After two brief dependents' cruises, the Abraham Lincoln deployed to the Pacific Fleet with an overhaul en route. She offloaded her missiles in Bangor, Washington, before arriving at Mare Island Naval Shipyard on 25 June 1972 to begin another refueling overhaul.

The Abraham Lincoln was back in service by December 1973 and conducted tests and other operations at Cape Kennedy, Florida, and Charleston, South Carolina, in the summer of 1974. The Abraham Lincoln then returned to the Pacific and arrived at her new home port of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 10 September 1974, before arriving at her advanced base at Guam on 18 October. In 1977, the Abraham Lincoln became the first submarine to conduct 50 strategic deterrence patrols.

The Abraham Lincoln completed her last patrol in October 1979 and arrived at Bangor, Washington, on 30 October to offload her missiles. The Abraham Lincoln was decommissioned on 28 February 1981 and stricken from the Navy List on 1 December 1982.


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