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The CVX design for Navy aircraft carriers will be the centerpiece of naval power projection well into the 21st century.


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The Next Carrier Piece by Piece

The CVX design for Navy aircraft carriers will be the centerpiece of naval power projection well into the 21st century.

Running Too Silent and Too Deep?

Watson questions whether the Navy will produce the correct submarine force for the future and whether the US will be able to afford it....

Pictorial: 35th Annual Photo Contest Winners
Commentary: The Mediterranean Paradox

Preamble: The Atlantic Alliance in 1994 began an internal restructuring process intended to prepare its military organization for the...

Comment and Discussion

"Monsarrat Was Wrong"

(See R.B. Hunt, pp. 30-32, February 1997 Proceedings)

Firecontrolman First...

War and Peace in a Virtual World

In the future, the US military will face a better equipped, more independent media and will not have as much control of the media as it had...

Proteus Shackled: The Future of War

With the end of Cold War bipolarity, one aspect of war—the threat of superpower conflict—was shackled. But like Proteus, war is...

The Commanders Respond

Last month, 13 commanders of the world's navies entered the forum to comment on the question: "How does your Navy intend to exploit...

Operation Entitlement

There is a way to structure and finance the military retirement program that would cost the government less while providing better benefits to...

Follow Me!

In the early 1960s, our electronics research and development destroyer, Richard E. Krause (EDD-849), was assigned to Task Group Bravo for...

The Navy That Almost Was

The Chinese Navy's modernized 19th-century fleet was destroyed during the first Sino-Japanese War, but Chinese historians and military...

Time for Real Reform

First, establish a single administrative CinC with one set of type commanders. Then restructure the staff and restricted line communities to...

Does Maritime Patrol Have a Future?

As the P-3 Orions reach the end of their service lives, force planners must decide whether to build a follow-on aircraft or use other...

Sea Control Remains Critical

The importance of US dominance of the ocean, which is believed to be assured by technological advances and unmatched naval capabilities,...

Poor Man's A-Bomb?

Biological weapons are a fearsome dimension of modern warfare, but defense is possible if government and industry work together.


Nobody Asked Me But . . . Warrior Training Must Be the Highest Priority

John Paul Jones once described how a naval officer must be part warfighter and part gentleman. He felt it was important for a naval warrior to...

Nobody Asked Me But . . . Maneuver Warfare Lives Inside the Lifelines

For the past several months, I have been inundated with the concept of maneuver warfare. Selected readings from Lord Nelson, Sun Tzu, Clausewitz,...

Professional Notes

SWOs: Who Are We?

By Lieutenant R.K. Morrison III, U.S. Navy

I've been thinking about that for years,...

Book Reviews & Books of Interest

NAVY Volume III in Russia's Arms Catalog

Nikolai Spassky, Editor in Chief. Moscow: Military Parade, 1996. 588 pp. Index. Photos....

Points of Interest: Food Allowance Reform Helps Some, Hurts Others

The Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) reform plan in President Clinton's 1998 defense budget would allow enlisted personnel in pay...

World Naval Developments: Japan Rejects Missile Defense

Friedman considers the complex reasons why Japan declined to join in a US-theater ballistic missile defense system.

In February,...

Combat Fleets

Only four of the original 20 Kashin-series (Russian Project 61) guided-missile destroyers remain in the Russian Navy inventory, all in the Black...

Lest We Forget: Patrol Squadron Nine (VP-9)

Patrol Squadron Nine (VP-9) was established at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, on 15 March 1951. Equipped with the P4Y-2 Privateer (below), VP-9...



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