Proceedings Magazine - July 1996 Volume 122/7/1,121

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What Price Leadership?
Message to the Navy
Could I Have Saved Admiral Boorda?
The Admiral the Reporter, and the Sailor's Wife
A Letter to the Plank Owners
Give Her All You Got
Sell It Like It Is
Ducks In the Desert 2010
Keeping Up With the Revolution
Fight Fast First
High Altitude Endurance UAVs
Stretched Too Thin
Tomorrow's Fleet—Part I
The U.S. Navy Must Re-evaluate Its Doctrine
Carrier Aviation Faces an Uncertain Future
SSNs Have Role in Low Intensity Conflicts
Henry Morgan's Raid is Relevant
Submarine Officer Training: A Required Shift in Focus
122nd Annual Meeting & Sixth Annapolis Seminar
Professional Notes
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
The U.S. Navy
World Naval Developments
Combat Fleets
Lest We Forget
Comment & Discussion


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