Proceedings Magazine - June 1996 Volume 122/6/1,120

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Diesel Boats Again?
Okinawa: Location, Location, Location
Our Sailors & Marines Are Ready
No Time to Rest
Combating Stress
Warrior Friendly
The Network Force
Special: The Russian Navy's Commander Responds
Undersea Warfare Is TEAM Warfare
U.S. Naval Aircraft and Weapon Developments: The Budget
Navigating the Balkan Crisis
Filming Das Boot
The Neglected Dimension of Leadership
We Owe Them Honor
The Challenges and Pitfalls of Peacetime Leadership
The Ultimate Micromanager
Fixing the New Fitness Report System
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
The U.S. Navy
Points of Interest
Combat Fleets
World Naval Developments
Flying the JPATS Winner—The Beech Mk II
Lest We Forget
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