Proceedings Magazine - July 1993 Vol. 119/7/1,085

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To Begin Again

An Evolving Global Order

The demise of Soviet power was described correctly as "one of the most abrupt realignments of...

I Went Joint (But I Didn't Inhale)

Fresh from a tour on the Joint Staff, a naval officer records some of his observations—on Goldwater-Nichols, names, and natural...

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Commentary: The F/A-18E/F Is "Catch-22"
Commentary: Joint Operations in Somalia: An Operator's Perspective
Let the Competition Continue
To Begin Again
Twilight of the Supercarriers
Submarines in the Littorals
How Many SSNs Do We Need?
Why Not Design the Best?
The Albacore Advantage
Sea Control and Regional Warfare
I Went Joint (But I Didn't Inhale)
Who Needs the Law of the Sea?
Diving In to the Future
Professional Notes
U.S. Naval Aircraft and Weapons Developments - Part II
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
VTQL Forum
The Republic Navies
World Naval Developments
Combat Fleets
Nobody Asked Me, But …
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