Proceedings Magazine - May 1993 Vol. 119/5/1,083


  • Beyond Joint: The Interagency Action
    By Commander Jim Stavridis, U.S. Navy

    The Cold War is over. As a result, an elusive "new world order" is emerging—in complicated and often dangerous new patterns of international activity. The security challenges to the United States represent a clear departure from...

  • Notable Naval Books of 1992
    By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)

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  • Commentary: To Preserve, Protect, and Defend
    By LT C. A. Preble, USN
  • Jointness Has Its Limits
    By Rear Admiral W. J. Holland, Jr., USN (Ret.)

    Arleigh Burke Essay Contest 1st Honorable Mention

    Although Goldwater-Nichols may have paved the way for victory in Desert Storm, the law has worked only because a fortunate combination of military...

  • The Naval Service Is Joint
    By Admiral Frank B. Kelso II, USN, & General Carl E. Mundy, Jr., USMC
  • It's Time for the 'Gators
    By Rear Admiral J. B. LaPlante, USN
  • The Army's View of Joint
    By General Frederick M. Franks, Jr., USA, & Colonel Gary B. Griffin, USA
  • Building a Brotherhood of Airmen
    By Rear Admiral James A. Winnefeld, USN (Ret.), & Dr. Dana J. Johnson
  • Where's the Admiral's Revolt?
    By James L. George
  • Interview: Nuclear Arms Negotiations
    With Ambassador Edward L. Rowny
  • Russian Navy in Distress
    By Captain Peter Huchthausen, USN (Ret.)
  • A Right to Serve?
    By Captain James F. Kelly, Jr., USN (Ret.)
  • Info Wars
    By John H. Petersen
  • Beyond Joint
    By Commander Jim Stavridis, USN
  • Mobilizing the Merchant Marine
    By John T. Goodhue
  • Kennedy & Taylor: Vietnam, 1961
    By Worth H. Bagley

    General Maxwell Taylor brought his cautious proposal for diplomatic and military initiatives in Southeast Asia to a distracted President, whose overriding aim was to send a message to Nikita Khrushchev.

  • The U.S. Navy in Review
    By John F. Morton
  • The U.S. Coast Guard in Review
    By Captain Lawson Brigham, USCG
  • The U.S. Marine Corps in Review
    By Colonel Mackubin T. Owens, Jr., USMCR
  • Marines in Somalia: 1992
    By Lieutenant Colonel T. A. Richards, USMC
  • The U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Industry in Review
    By Robert H. Pouch
  • U.S. Naval Aircraft and Weapon Developments
    By Floyd D. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Clinton, Congress. . . Confusion
    By Rear Admiral Ned Hogan, USN (Ret.)
  • World Naval Developments
    By Norman Friedman
  • Combat Fleets
    By A. D. Baker III
  • Reference
  • Organization
  • Information Sources
  • Benefits
  • Notable Naval Books
  • Tomorrow's Fleet
    By Scott C. Truver
  • Notebook
  • Comment & Discussion
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