Proceedings Magazine - January 1992 Vol. 118/1/1,067

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Interview: Admiral William Crowe, USN (Ret.)

The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently shared his views on nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union, and the Middle East...

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Where We Were
Comment & Discussion
Crafting A New Maritime Strategy
Less Integration? Why?
Pictorial: For Dear Life
Nobody's Square Peg
FFG-7: Smaller Is Better
Interview: Admiral William Crowe, U.S. Navy (Retired)
Battle of the Airwaves
Deak Parsons: Officer-Scientist
Naval Aviation: Getting Nowhere Fast
What's Prudent in the Pacific
Tomahawk in the Desert
Command Selection
The Changing Face of the Officer Corps
The Old Navy
The Street Fighters
Desert Storm Focus
TQL Forum: TQL Goes to Sea
Nobody Asked Me, But …
Professional Notes
Book Reviews & Books of Interest
The Improbable War with Japan: A Discussion with Captain Jurika and Dr. Kataoka
The Old Marine Corps
The Soviet Navy
World Naval Developments
Combat Fleets


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