Proceedings Magazine - May 1990 Vol. 116/5/1,047

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Notable Naval Books of 1989

Interview: Caspar Weinberger

Proceedings editors Fred Schultz and Follin Armfield asked the former Secretary of Defense what he sees for...

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Where We Were
Tiger Hunting in 1990
Comment & Discussion
Tomorrow's Forecast: Warmer/Still Cloudy
Interview: Caspar Weinberger
Arms Control at Arm's Length
Crystal Balls Don't Always Help
Battleships: Past, Present and Future
The USS Iowa Investigation Report
DoD Plays in the Drug War
Emerging Technologies
DoD Announces a New Antidrug Spending Plan
Nobody Asked Me, But …
Maritime Strategy for the 1990s
Smaller and Better in the 1990s
Beware Naval Arms Control
The Bear's 'Great Universal Embrace'
Interview: Admiral Charles R. Larson, USN
There is No Customer for Change
Interview: General A.M. Gray, USMC (Part II)
Reading for Professionals
F MFM 1: The Line of Departure
Unity Amidst Chaos
The Coast Guard Needs Its Own Book
The U.S. Navy in 1989
The U.S. Marine Corps in 1989
The U.S. Coast Guard in 1989
One Law Enforcement Operation
The U.S. Merchant Marine and the Maritime World in 1989
U.S. Naval Aircraft and Weapon Developments in 1989
Congressional Watch, 1989
World Naval Developments, 1989
The Soviet Navy, 1989 A Soviet View
The Soviet Navy 1989 A U.S. View
Pay Tables
Information Sources
Proceedings Index 1989
Tomorrow's Fleet Shipbuilding and Conversion Status
Ships' Status Changes
A Death
Notable Naval Books of 1989


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