Proceedings Magazine - January 1925 Vol. 51/1/263

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The arrival of the aircraft carrier offers material for speculation as to its spheres of usefulness. There is scarcely any room' for doubt that it has definitely arrived, as a formidable...


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Strategic Value of the Aircraft Carrier

The arrival of the aircraft carrier offers material for speculation as to its spheres of usefulness. There is scarcely any room' for doubt...

Joint Army and Navy Operations, Part II

In the first article of this series, Joint Army and Navy Operations— Part I, published in the Naval Institute PROCEEDINGS for December,...

Operation of a Destroyer at Full Power

The following notes cover the main features affecting personnel and material when operating a destroyer at full power. The conclusions and...

Morocco—A Diplomatic Complex

Contrary to prevailing popular belief the World War did not have its beginning at Sarajevo. It is true that the assassination of the Austrian...

If I Were to Do My Service Over Again

After one has spent ten years in the navy and then resigned and notices that his liver is not acting as well as it ought to, due to too many...

Our Chinese Navy

Pampagna, Villalobos, Palos, Monocacy, Elcano, Isabel, Penguin, Pigeon and Helena.


To the...

An International Incident

As far as I know there has been no important work on international law published in the past fifty years that has not contained a discussion of...

"Blood Is Thicker Than Water"

In the Professional Notes of the PROCEEDINGS of the Institute for September, 1924, under the caption of "Great Britain" there...

Admiral Columbus

“Your Holy Majesties have graciously given your approval of my voyage across the western ocean in order that I may find a short route to the...


Indoctrinating Civilians in Matters of Naval Defense



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BLOCKADE AND SEA POWER—The Blockade, 1914-19, and its Significance for a World State. By Maurice Parmelee, Ph.D....


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