Proceedings Magazine - November 1924 Vol. 50/11/261

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The personnel problems of officers of the Navy are hardy perennials and crop up every year. As a rule their solution requires legislation and the last two years have been rather barren in this...


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Some Reflections Upon Commissioned Naval Personnel Problems

The personnel problems of officers of the Navy are hardy perennials and crop up every year. As a rule their solution requires legislation and the...

A Suggestion for Naval Reserve Training

Reason for Having a Naval Reserve.—There is a very serious reason for the existence of a Naval Reserve which should not be lost sight of by...

Seagoing Aircraft

At the time of the Washington Conference the only air­craft carriers afloat were a few experimental craft con­verted from other types. Had...

Petroleum Problems of the World War


I. The Bunkering Problem of the British Grand...

The Navy—A National Investment

Much has been said from time to time about the need for and the methods of “selling” the Navy to the American people, that is, to the...

The Fetish of Formulas

IN THE NAVY of the present day, are we not making a fetish of formulas? We are developing a rule for this and a method for that, reducing...

The Origin of Naval Law

THE WRITER had occasion, in the collection of certain data for a purpose in no wise connected with its use in an article of this nature, to...

Indoctrinating Civilians in Matters of Naval Defense

THE RESPONSIBILITY for adequate prewar preparation does not rest altogether on our naval officers, for no matter how able they may be they can not...


Breaking Ice, in Baltimore Harbor

(See page...

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THE NAVAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD WAR, Vol. I, Offensive Operations, 1914-15. By Captain Thomas G. Frothingharn, U. S. R. 349 pp. $375. Harvard...

Minutes of Annual Meeting, 1924

In accordance with Article V, Section 1, of the Constitution and By-Laws the annual meeting was called in the Officers’ Mess, U. S....

Constitution And By-Laws


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