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Navy Yard Economy



Wanted - A First Aid

Motto: Bricks Without Straw.


"Fenced by your careful fathers, ringed by your leaden seas,
Long did ye wake in quiet...

On the True Relations Between the Department of the Navy and the Naval War College

1. The sole reason for the existence of the Navy Department is the probability of war.


2. The most important office in the...

The Fighting Edge

"Of all these, the Belgae are the bravest, because they are farthest from it civilization and refinement of our Province, and merchants least...

Should There be an International Navy?

1. Looking back at the inception and history of the Hague Tribunal, it must be conceded, I think, that the institution has "made good."...

Advance Base Training

The discussion relating to the marine corps, and the ultimate employment of that corps, has occupied the minds of many service people for the past...

Naval Strategy in a War Between England and Germany

The following discussion must of necessity refer chiefly to certain simple political combinations, and it is admitted that the reality may be very...

Competition vs. Character

Of recent years, in our navy, competition has become the power of powers. It is no new thing, as we shall see, but it has been put to new uses,...

Early Days in Japan

Japan is supposed to have been first visited by the Portuguese as early as 1542, and it would appear that they managed to establish a strong trade...

On the Desirability of a Uniform Type in Battleships

A battleship may be called upon to fight a single-ship action; or she may fight an action as one unit in the fleet. If we could be certain in...

Aviation and Aeroplanes

The Meet at Belmont Park, N.Y.

Training of the Personnel of the Fleet for Battle

Success in battle is the ultimate object of our training, so that a progressive system is necessary, culminating in the greatest efficiency when...

Skeleton, or Plotting, Charts

Graphical solutions of the problem of finding a ship's position at sea, by plotting and intersecting Sumner lines, lines of bearing, etc....

A Sea View of Our Revolution

I. Importance of Our Sea Operations

Early Naval Voyages


The Voyages to Japan of Commodore Biddle and Commander Glynn: 1846, 1849


Professional Notes





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