Proceedings Magazine - 1880 Vol 6/1/11

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Page x, Hue 7, for Constable read Constructor.

Page xv, line 13, for “Teuton” read “Trenton”.

Page xv, line 3 from bottom, for Baclife read Bache.



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Page x, Hue 7, for Constable read Constructor.

Page xv, line 13, for “Teuton” read “Trenton”.

Page xv, line...

Officers of the Institute




List of Members



Constitution and By-Laws



Article I. The...

Secretary's Report

U. S. Naval. Institute.

Annapolis, Md., Jan’y 8th, 1880.

Treasurer's Report


U. S. Naval Institute. Annapolis, Md., Jan’y 7th, 1880.

I beg...

Our Rifled Ordnance

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:—

My endeavor in this paper will be to lay before you the efforts that have been made during the past few...

The Training of Seamen

Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:—

Synopsis of a Lecture on Color Blindness and its Dangers on the Sea

I need not remind the members of the Institute that there is danger in the inability to distinguish instantly and accurately the color of the red...


A Uniform System of Rigs for Boats and Launches.

The Chairman:—
The subject before the Institute is one of importance to the...

The Employment of Torpedoes in Steam Launches Against Men of War

Translated by Lieut. T. B. M. Mason, U. S. N.

The Training Ship Minnesota

Additional remarks of Lieut. B. Noyes on Lieut. Comdr Chadwick's paper, particularly treating of the system and routine, as carried out on...

Naval Institute Prize Essay, 1881

A Prize of one hundred dollars and a gold medal of the value of fifty dollars is offered by the Naval Institute for the best essay presented...


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