Naval History Archive - 2005

  • Howard Chandler based this depiction of the February 1945 Iwo Jima flag raising on Joe Rosenthal's award-winning photo. Our 60th anniversary coverage of Iwo includes The Entire Island Is a Shrine,...

  • In this Aurthur Beaumont painting from the U.S. Naval Academy collection, a sailing ship lags behind the USS Connecticut, an image of the naval transformation discussed in several articles in this issue, including...

  • Bob Larkin's illustration for the cover of ZERO! By Masatake Okumiya and Jiro Horikoshi with Martin Caidin, the definitive account of Japan's greatest fighter in World War II. Says the illustrator: "I used models for the aircraft carrier and the Zero. I shot the models at my photographer's...

  • As a U.S. battleship pounds shore positions, troops descend cargo nets into LCVPs, or Higgins boats, during the 9 January 1945 invasion of Luzon. James Turnbull's painting is courtesy of the Naval Historical Center. Our coverage of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II begins on page...

  • As the 74-gun Redoutable (left) exchanges broadsides with HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar, sharpshooters high in the French ships fighting top fire down on enemy officers. One of their victims was Britain's most famous admiral, Horatio Lord Nelson. This issue features a trio of...

  • Advancing under cover of a gas attack, Marines capture a German machine-gun nest during the grueling, nearly three-week battle for Belleau Wood. Artist Tom Lovell is most famous as a Western artist, but he served in the Marine Corps as a staff sergeant during World War II, executing a series of...


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