Naval History Magazine - February 2012 Volume 26, Number 1

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For these reservists, it wasn’t the typical active-duty stint—but a desperate search for plane-wreck survivors adrift in the Pacific expanse.

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SEALs: 50 Years and Counting
In its first half century, a once little-known Navy unit has evolved into what is arguably the world’s most...
The Resurrection of John Paul Jones
The perseverance of an American ambassador to France paid off when the remains of early America’s iconic Navy hero...
On Our Scope

A quarter-century ago, the U.S. Naval Institute recommitted itself to one of its core missions—preserving and celebrating the history of...

At War with the Army
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz prized healthy interservice relations. Nevertheless, major conflicts arose within his command...

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Rescue on Guam Patrol
For these reservists, it wasn’t the typical active-duty stint—but a desperate search for plane-wreck...
Historic Aircraft - The King of the Sea

The Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King with its many progeny and variants ranks as one of aviation history’s most successful and numerous naval...

A Museum Reborn
After a major overhaul, the Naval Academy Museum reopened its doors to a grateful public; now more than ever, it’s...
Naval History Digital Edition

A digital edition of the February issue of Naval...


Lieutenant Commander Robert Bernier, USNR (Ret.), served as a pilot and patrol-plane commander with VP-65 from 1979 to 1991. He...

Looking Back - The First SPAR

For about four decades, the top ship commands for Coast Guard captains were “the big white ones,” the high-endurance cutter ...

In Contact

U.S. Navy’s Multicarrier Experience

Norman Polmar

I take issue with the contention of Jonathan Parshall and...

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Drake’s Final Resting Place Found?

As befits one of the most legendary ship captains of all time, Sir Francis Drake was buried...

Historic Fleets - ‘An Ornament to the Navy’

By the flickering light of a globe lantern, Coal-heaver John Sutton, earning his $18 a month (as much as a ship’s cook or a coxswain),...

Into Battle on Board the Invincible
A spur-of-the-moment purchase included an unexpected historical treasure: a copy of an unpublished letter describing HMS...
The Invincible's Explosive Photo
Is an image of the British battlecruiser blowing up at Jutland an authentic photograph, or is it an expertly executed...
Book Reviews

Sealab: America’s Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor

Ben Hellwarth. New York: Simon & Schuster,...

The Ugliest Bandage on Iwo Jima
When a Japanese shell interrupted a corpsman tending to a wounded Marine, it also put a Purple Heart award on hold for...
Museum Report - Preserving the History of Military Flight

The Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Virginia, holds one of the largest private collections of World War II flying aircraft,...


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