Naval History Magazine - October 2011 Volume 25, Number 5

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Cover Story
Even during the thick of America’s defining internecine clash, the politics of the Old World mingled with the New, as bicoastal Russian fleet sojourns proved in 1863–...

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Solving the Mysteries of Santa Cruz
Although historians have frequently chronicled the course of the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, some aspects of the 1942...
'Exploring the Unknowns' at Mach 2.1
Years before he endured brutal treatment as a Vietnam War POW, Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence was broadening naval aviation...
Asian Warm-up to the Cold War
World War II was no sooner over when U.S. naval forces were enmeshed in the struggle for China. The tumult of the ensuing four...
On Our Scope

Since our last issue of Naval History, a new era for the magazine and its publisher, the U.S. Naval Institute, began as an old one...

Flight Line

Thirty Years of Change

The image is well-known: The underwater explosion of an atomic bomb sends a column of water skyward amid a...

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A Civil War Visit by the Tsar's Navy
Even during the thick of America’s defining internecine clash, the politics of the Old World mingled with the New, as...
Naval History Digital Edition

A digital edition of the October issue of Naval...

Beauty High Above, Horror Below
A naval aviator’s reflective diary entries reveal the exhilaration, terror, excitement, and frustration of life as a...
Looking Back

Honoring a Man of Honor

In Contact

Left Off the List

Merlin Dorfman

Many thanks to Richard B. Frank for his excellent article, “...

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A Message from the New Naval Institute Chief Executive Officer

Dear Members and Friends of the U.S. Naval Institute,

Historic Fleets

A Fighting Ship that ‘Can Give It Always’

In the early morning darkness of 6 July 1943, formations of U.S. and Japanese...

Historic Aircraft

The God of the Sea’s Namesake

America's Asiatic Fleet
For the first four decades of the 20th century an undersized U.S. Navy force had two primary tasks. One was difficult at best....
Book Reviews

Pacific Air: How Fearless Flyboys, Peerless Aircraft, and Fast Flattops Conquered the Skies in the War with Japan


Museum Report

Japan’s Naval Academy: Historic Grandeur and Museum


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